5 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Successful Development of a Loft

When no longer in use, a metal shed or a warehouse can be transformed into a contemporary room with all the comforts you need. The loft thus appears as an option to live in, in a modern house. The transformation of a metal shed is not easy. To do this, it is important to ask yourself certain questions whose answers can help you succeed in such a project. You’ll find here 5 good questions to ask yourself when planning a loft.

Can You Easily Find the Material?

The search for the material is dependant on the plan of the loft to be created. Usually, warehouses and sheds are made of metal. To cut out or connect part of the loft to the hangar structure, you will need a metal chainsaw. It remains a very powerful tool that cuts metal, and it is still the paramount tool used for this task. Since this is also a construction, you will need other tools that are essential in the process:

  • A concrete mixer;
  • A Wheelbarrow;
  • A meter;
  • Level;
  • The hammer;
  • The building trowel.

Depending on the loft model, the use of other tools may be necessary. If the loft room is very far from the city center, the rental and transportation of certain tools can be expensive.

Do You Have the Necessary Authorizations?

The warehouse and the loft do not have the same uses. To transform a warehouse into a place of residence (loft), you must apply for the change of an industrial building into residential property. This way you’ll be able to get a building permit. Also, this building permit must comply with the legal provisions on urbanization in your municipality. Given the complexity of these administrative formalities, it is preferable to use the skills of an architect registered with the city/municipality/state. The specialist will tell you what are the essential steps to building a loft in a hangar. What kind of building materials you’ll need, what kind of furniture will look best, and what kind of loft access ladder works best.

Will Your Loft Need More Lighting?

Natural light remains a very important factor in the design of a loft. Sometimes, depending on the orientation of the hangar, the loft may or may not benefit from natural light. It illuminates the interior of the loft and saves you energy. You may have natural lighting options:

  • The creation of light conduits;
  • Creating openings through windows or canopies.

For more efficiency, it is preferable to use the services of an architect. He can thoroughly analyze the lighting options that may apply to the loft.

Is Hiring an Expert Necessary?

Rearranging the space in a warehouse is not as easy as it sounds. To make this environment viable, it is important to call on town planning experts. They provide reliable information on:

  • The storage warehouse environment;
  • The quality of the soil and the roof.

Having been the subject to constant use, the warehouse environment must be sanitized before receiving the new occupants. Thus, all these elements (pollutants, state of the factory structure, etc.) must be analyzed before the start of construction work. Then, the option of connecting to different service networks must also be analyzed. Indeed, for the loft to be habitable, there must be:

  • water;
  • Electricity;
  • Cooking gas.

Also, it will be necessary to analyze the possibility of setting up a sewage disposal system. If the connections are technically feasible, isn’t the cost high? Professional quotes will guide you here.


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