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10 online slot tips

10 online slot tips

Online slots are without a shadow of a doubt the biggest gambling success story of the 21st century, almost pretty much singlehandedly ushering in the new era of online casino gambling. Oh yes, if it wasn’t for the initial trailblazing developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming or Eyecon we’re genuinely not sure whether the online casino industry would be as big as it is today – click to play here.

You just cannot argue with the dominance of online slots, and we are sure there are plenty more gamblers who would think the exact same. Keep reading for 10 online slot tips that will have you winning in no time at all!

Budget effectively 

Budgeting isn’t something that immediately springs to mind when gamblers think about slot gambling, however it could well be the most important thing to do. If you budget effectively you won’t ever find yourself in the red, and you will also be encouraged to bet more tactically. 

Choose games with decent RTP 

RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is basically a percentage that shows you the average amount you can expect to win back from your wager. 96% is the average, so try and find online slots over this. 

Make full use of bonus features 

Modern online slot bonus features are freakishly good these days, believe us. They are also the places where the most money can be won by far, so make sure you are making full use of bonus features! 

Don’t forget about slot variance 

Slot variance is a useful tool to choose an online slot game that suits your betting style. High variance slots are best for high rollers, as they reward large bets with potentially huge pay-outs. On the other hand, low variance slots will suit those who like to make lots of small wins with small bets more. 

Stay responsible whilst gambling 

There is an increasing number of gambling addictions cropping up in the modern world, so it is incredibly important to safeguard yourself from this. 

Shop around for the best online casino deposit offers 

The online casino market is so heavily contested these days that online casino sites are doing as much as they can to attract new customers to their sites. This means that there are a variety of incredibly generous online casino deposit offers around these days, and it is silly not to shop around for the best ones. 

Play slots in free mode first 

Playing slots in free mode first will give you a great opportunity to practise bonus features without spending any money.

Avoid the Martingale strategy 

Whatever you do, avoid the Martingale strategy if you want to keep out of the red. 

Count the average number of spins before a win 

Counting the average number of spins before a win can give you the information to bet more tactically. If you know the average you can place slightly larger bets at these times. 

Avoid slots with excessive cut scenes 

Slots with excessive cut scenes can sure look cool, but in reality they often pay out less.

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