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Funny Bingo Calls That Are Still Around

You may or may not have heard the news, but the times are most certainly changing when it comes to bingo. You might find some new halls and callers shouting ’59, Amazon Prime!’ or ’68, Late for my Tinder date!’, but we want to take it all the way back to the olden ways of doing things as often they are even funnier than the modern bingo calls. You can also try other types of games such as 7 Monkeys slots.

So, to keep you entertained and to ensure that that tombola is streaming out a series of numbers that are on your card, we are here to remind you of those classic hilarious bingo calls that are still kicking around the shop to this day!

The All Time Classic Hilarious Bingo Calls

We have listed a series of the funniest bingo calls out for you, mind what you read next as some of them are a little bit dirty and naughty, even for the more experienced of you:

  •         Dirty Gertie, Number 30! – This one dates back all the way to the 1940s where in the film, Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A, a late night nightclub entertainer travels around the Caribbean Islands performing her dances, enticing men, and humiliating them. You can see why this may have been so popular with the older bingo players.
  •         Down on your Knees, 43! – This one needs little to no explanation to those who are in the know, but obviously you have to have a little bit dirty to get it!
  •         Droopy Drawers, number 44! – Not the most attractive offer, a pair of droopy drawers, but they exist and that’s just a reality that some of us have to face… would you?
  •         Grandma’s Getting Frisky, 60 – Too much wine on her birthday? Well we certainly do not want number 60 to be coming up any time soon.
  •         69, A Meal For Two – Now, some of you may get this, some of you may not, and if you are not getting this then you may need to think a little more filthily because this 69 reference is possible one of our favorite funniest bingo calls being kicked about to this day! Think hard, well maybe try not to think about it too much.
  •         Stop Farting! Number 83 – Some of you may be wondering what the connection is here, because honestly it is pretty loose as a bingo call but nevertheless funny to hear. Apparently the 8 is meant to look like a bum and the 3 the fart, so there you have it, highbrow comedy.
  •         Two Fat Ladies, 88! – There we finally have it, the moment you were all waiting for. Even if you have never played bingo, you will certainly know the iconic nature of two fat ladies, the bingo call that is probably most like the number they are matching it too.

So, there we have it, every bingo player and their grandma will have these bingo calls imprinted on their minds, though some of them are too dirty that they would like to forget!

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