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The best location tracker app for parents

The best location tracker app for parents

Parents cannot keep around with the children all the time, and through that amount, it’s necessary to grasp if your kids are safe? In such cases, having a location tracker app put in on their devices that may provide you with time data concerning their location could be a good way to stay a check on them throughout your absence.

The mobile location tracker app permits you to track the cell phone of your family members’ time location; you will even monitor your kid’s digital activities, set parental controls, and do load a lot of.

One such application to try to all of this is often the FamiSafe parental control app, an ideal child tracker app that permits you to observe the web behavior and also the location of your kid. If you would like to do FamiSafe for your children, reading this review can assist you to apprehend a lot of concerning the app.

So, while not waiting more, let’s discover a lot concerning the FamiSafe phone tracker app.

What is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe could be a mobile tracker app that permits the parent to manage their child’s devices. With the assistance of FamiSafe, you will track a mobile phone, block moot websites, monitor online activity, track location, and check the child’s mobile screen time.

The app comes with various features that we will be discussing below.

FamiSafe Location tracking features

Location tracking 

The mobile location tracker feature of FamiSafe helps you to remain enlightened concerning your kid’s actual location. You will track your kid’s time location and keep a watch on them even after you are sitting in your workplace, in a very completely different town, or at your Yoga categories.

Another fantastic issue concerning this feature is that you simply will produce a geographical boundary for your child on FamiSafe and obtain alerts whenever your child moves past that geographical boundary.

Furthermore, you will check the child’s location history and determine wherever your child spends most of their time.

App blocker

These days, several apps like qualitative analysis apps, games, and social media apps are offered on the Google Play Store and App Store. You will block such apps if you don’t realize them appropriate for your children. Once fastened, the app icon can disappear from your kid’s device.

If you would like your child to specialize in studies throughout a particular time, you will block apps for that point amount by fitting a block schedule. You will conjointly receive notifications once your child desires to use the blocked apps a few times.

Activity Report

With the activity report feature, you will keep track of your kid’s digital activity. You will determine that app your child uses the foremost and conjointly check the websites that your child typically visits. Moreover, you will conjointly see that app your child has recently put in or deleted from his device.

Manage screen time

Do your children pay longer on devices enjoying games or exploiting social media apps? With FamiSafe, you will manage the screen time of your children and limit social media apps and games on their devices.

We know the adverse impact of social media apps and games on kids. Putt a limit on such apps can facilitate your child to keep centered on a lot of essential tasks of the day rather than hold up.

Website filter

Keep children removed from adult sites is incredibly necessary, particularly after they are below eighteen years. With the assistance of FamiSafe, you will block such websites simply and make a safer online setting for your children

Moreover, you will conjointly check your kid’s browser history, concealed tab history and determine that website your child typically visits. FamiSafe has numerous intrinsic classes like drug, violence, and creation that may be blocked from access.

Detect suspicious photos

If you doubt that your child can be sharing nude selfies with somebody, or has downloaded such photos on his or her device, then this feature of FamiSafe can assist you to seek out such pictures in your kid’s device and provide you with a warning. You will set the detection level of sexy images in your kid’s device and think about suspicious pictures record.

Pricing Plans of FamiSafe app

FamiSafe comes with 3 tier plans, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. These plans provide all of the options; solely the number of devices protected underneath the actual setup might vary.

FamiSafe annual setup will protect up to thirty devices right away at $59.99. The quarterly set up will safeguard up to ten devices and prices $19.99 per quarter, whereas the monthly set up protects up to five devices and is beaked at $9.99.

Here are the links available to download this app 

Apple store

Google play



In the end of this article, I would like to say that the FamiSafe is best parental control app to track your kids’ location. 

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