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Convert and Edit PDFs Online With PDFBear

Convert and Edit PDFs Online With PDFBear

If you find yourself stalling right now because you ran out of options to edit your PDF’s content, then you finally found your answer. Great news for you, we now have a free online PDF instrument that can solve all your PDF dilemmas, the PDFBear. Especially for your MS Word documents saved as PDF, this PDFBear will save your day as you can convert them back!

PDFBear is your best choice when it comes to making various edits with your PDF documents. Why? Because it comprises all the necessary tools needed for PDF editing. Whether you are planning to make light or heavy modifications, you can make it all possible with PDFBear. Although PDFs are naturally difficult to edit, PDFBear comes in free and handy for everyone.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear, in general, is an online tool you can use to access and manage your PDFs better. Although most computer and mobile devices have pre-installed Adobe programs nowadays, most software provided only has limited capabilities. You cannot do PDF conversions through phones. But with PDFBear, you can even have access to a PDF to Word online.

Some ask, “why do we even need to convert PDF to Word?” Again, if you want to make significant alterations to your document’s content, you might want to convert it to its most comprehensive format. Like for straight composition or documents, Word is the most compatible format for editing such content. A fast file transformation will be needed.

Aside from a useful PDF converter, PDFBear also offers an excellent selection of functions. For oversized PDFs, you can try their PDF compressor to shrink them to their least possible size. For a more organized desktop, you can use their PDF split and merge functions. You can also repair damaged PDFs through PDFBear; it is indeed a one-stop online tool!

How To Use The PDF Converter

PDFBear’s PDF converter tool is versatile as it can cater to almost all file formats. It allows you to convert your electronic files from and to the portable document format. We will use the PDF to Word as an example to learn how to use the PDF converter. Again, our primary objective for this conversion is for you to be able to make drastic changes to your documents.

  1. Open your most comfortable browser, and proceed to PDFBear’s home page.
  2. Select the “PDF to Word” option and upload your PDF. You can use the manual upload or drag it to the PDFBear converter box.
  3. There will be a quick loading as the PDF uploads and another fast-loading as it converts it to the Word format.
  4. As simple as that, your PDF is now converted to Word! Download the file to your preferred folder. For social media sharing, you can copy-paste the URL.

Once you have your document in Word format, you can now make large amounts of content changes as if you were making a Word composition from scratch. With just four simple steps, you can attain the best format for your file editing. These conversions are also possible with Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PNG and JPG images, and PDF/A.

PDF Editor

Now, if you only need to make slight changes with your PDFs, you can maximize PDFBear’s editing tools. These tools are designated for the usual edits done to PDFs such as e-signatures, watermarks, page numbers, adding texts and images, and rotate PDF. Although these functions may seem basic, it is challenging to add these on PDFs without PDFBear.


PDFBear’s completeness is beyond exceptional. Although there may be other online PDF tools out there, this one is quite the perfect choice for all users. Whether you are a starter, intermediate, or expert PDF user, this tool is compatible with you as it offers vast quality services for free! Plus, your files are kept 100% safe and secure from any unwanted user.

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