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Medical Insurance: Take advantage of your free health check-up

Medical Insurance: Take advantage of your free health check-up

Health insurance has been on a lot of people’s mind recently. The world is still trying to get to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic and now is the perfect time to ensure you’re protected from medical disasters. In many places, like UAE, health insurance is not only a good idea but you have to have adequate insurance by the law. But you shouldn’t think of your insurance as just another costly thing to have – good health insurance could provide you with free health check-ups!

One of the biggest myths in the health insurance industry involves the cost and scope of these policies. Many people think their health insurance costs go up if test results are negative and therefore, people often avoid taking tests if nothing is wrong. But you should have a regular health check because it is often the best way to prevent serious illness and injury. In fact, most Dubai health insurance offers free medical check-ups to policyholders and using your free health check-up will never increase your current premiums. 

How to know if you can get free health check-ups?

If you aren’t sure whether your insurer offers free health checks, you should check with them to make sure. You should find a mention about check-ups on your policy documentation. It is worth going through it and ensuring you are aware of everything that’s included in the policy – and the things that aren’t. If you can’t find the information or you’re not sure you understand your policy, then contact your insurer directly. You can find their contact information online or in your policy documentation.

You should know that free health check-ups are often tied to claim-free status. You might not have free tests available if you have recently claimed something against your policy. However, if you have enjoyed a claim-free status for multiple years, then you are likely entitled to a free check-up. Make sure to confirm this with your policy provider and be aware of any claims you have made in the past.

Where and when to get the check-up?

It is worth noting that your health insurance has conditions on your check-up. These restrictions are usually in regards to where you can have your check-up. Just as most insurance companies don’t cover treatment in every hospital, the insurance often only allows you to use limited healthcare facilities for the check-up. 

Before you book an appointment make sure to understand where you need to have your health check and what is included in the free service. For example, certain tests might cost something while others are free. You should discuss the issue with your insurance provider to avoid costly surprises. 

There are usually no restrictions to when you can have your health check. However, you might be restricted in terms of how often you can get it done. For example, most health insurance in Dubai would only cover one annual check for free. Make sure you check for that before booking your free consultation.

Are these health check-up really free?

You might wonder about a possible catch in the free consultation. After all, most things in life are not free these days. As mentioned above, you should be careful and check the little details of your policy. As mentioned, most insurance providers offer the service for free when you have not made claims against your policy. Furthermore, the free check-up tends to cover a wide range of tests that are part of a routine medical examination. But certain exclusions might apply and any tests that are slightly more specific (i.e. targeting a very specific condition) are often not included for free. Therefore, always check what is included and ask your doctor to explain which tests might cost extra.

How to find health insurance with free health check-ups?

You should definitely be smart about your medical insurance. You pay for a service and therefore, you do want to use it. Don’t just sit on your insurance and think it is useful if something bad happens to you. Health insurance can play a big role in preventative healthcare as well. If you aren’t happy with your current health insurance, then consider comparing different individual health insurance plans  options and finding one that works for you. For example, it is worth checking if your insurance covers free health check-ups. These can be an important part in maintaining your health and they ensure you get the most value out of your insurance. 

Contact your health insurance provider and check their policy regarding health checks. If they don’t provide it, consider changing to a better provider. Most importantly, make use of the free health check-up so that you can better look after your health. This will be cost effective in the long-term and good for your health!

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