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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Unlock PDF by PDFBear

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Unlock PDF by PDFBear

The PDF files that you handle most of the time may contain confidential data. In this case, you might prefer setting up a password to secure the data rather than securing a hard copy. That is one of the reasons why PDF files are commonly an ideal file format for keeping essential data since you can easily encode a password to it.

However, the thing about setting up a security code on your PDF file can be your primary cause of headaches. Some people complain about not being able to find the options in unlocking their files. Unfortunately, it will then make them decide to pay big cash for someone to open their file. Well, starting today, you don’t have to do that because PDFBear will let you do it on your own for free.

These top four reasons will explain why PDFBear is an excellent solution for your locked PDF problems.

You Can Easily Unlock Your Encrypted PDF file in 60 seconds

PDFBear tops other PDF websites with their incredible tool that completes the process in under one minute. That is why it is the highly recommended software for any PDF setbacks. One of its high-quality working tools is the PDF Unlock, which enables you to decode password-protected PDF documents.

With PDFbear, you do not have to look for many options to unlock your PDF since it features straightforward instructions for you to follow easily. Moreover, PDFBear does not require the user to have a specific skill or experience to manipulate their tools. Anyone can unlock protected PDF files in sixty seconds if they strictly follow these four easy steps.

Step 1: Go to the PDFBear website and choose the Unlock PDF tool visible on the main page. Upload your password-protected PDF file on their system by dragging and dropping the file or quickly click the “Choose File” tab.

Step 2: Before you decide to unlock the file, you need to agree with their terms and conditions. This time, you can type the PDF password in the textbox.

Step 3: Subsequently, click the “Unlock PDF” tab.

Step 4: As soon as the tool completes the process, you will see the “Download” tab. Then, you are able to download your correctly unlocked PDF document and save it on your computer. You may also share it with Google Drive.

Your Files Are Safe and Secured

You and your files’ are 100% protected and secured with PDFBear. If you worry about uploading files with important content and data, PDFBear uses advanced technology to ensure your safe experience on their website. They use the 256-BIT SSL Encryption, which is an advanced security system that safeguards all your uploaded files.

This technology keeps viruses and malware from entering your system or device. So, anyone using the Unlock PDF tool should be able to start the process in a safe environment.

You Can Unlock Files Conveniently Using Cloud Technology

PDFBear works anywhere for you! PDFBear does not require its users to be in a particular place to access their tools. It uses cloud technology that enables you to use their tools, whether you are at school, office, or even on a bus ride. With this fact, you will no longer have to download or install multiple applications to use this software.

PDFBear Is Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

With PDFBear, you will experience incredible convenience and trouble-free processes. PDFBear supports different operating systems, which allows you to access the website, whether on a Windows-based, Linux-based, Mac, or other platforms available at hand. So, decrypting locked PDF files will be much easier anytime and anywhere.


PDFBear gains significant popularity because of its outstanding services and tools. Indeed, it is impossible to match the excellent performance of this online software.


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