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Bongo’s Bingo: What is it and how can I join in?

Bongo’s Bingo: What is it and how can I join in?

We’re huge fans of attending bingo nights and social events. Is there any better way to catch up with your friends and try your luck at the jackpot than settling down for a long night of bingo? Well, there might just be something that’s even better depending on whether you like to dance or not. Dancing? Bingo? What on earth are we talking about? Well, Bongo’s Bingo of course! Read on to find out what it is, and how you can join in on the fun! You can also try your luck playing Safari King slot game.

What is Bongo’s Bingo?

Bongo’s Bingo is not just any old bingo social event – it’s taking things to a new level, and everybody is talking about it! With events running all over the country (not to mention across the seas), it truly is one of the biggest pioneers right now in the land-based bingo world. So, what’s so special about it? Well, here are a few elements that Bongo’s Bingo includes that you won’t find at your local bingo night down the road:

          Strong focus on music

          Stand up event

          Appealing to young people

          It’s basically a bingo party!

Essentially what you are going to be looking at when first attending a Bongo’s Bingo event is a bingo-based party! Think drinks, your favourite tunes, standing up and dancing and most importantly bingo! If you’re ever restless at bingo because you just want to get up and dance, this one is for you! But don’t worry – it’s not all for the young’uns. There are plenty of Bongo’s Bingo night that focuses on 90’s music, 70’s music and beyond, so there really is something for everyone.

So should I give it a go, and how do I join?

Whether you should attend your next local event at Bongo’s Bingo very much depends on what kind of person you are. Do you prefer to keep yourself to yourself at bingo events, or do you love mingling with the other bingo fans? Does your heart sink when you hear the loud bingo music, or do you want to get up, have a few drinks and dance? These are the kind of questions you want to be asking yourself, but ultimately we bet you will have a great time. Interested? Follow these steps to join the fun!

          Step 1: Bongo’s Bingo occurs all over the country, so you’re going to need to do a bit of research and find out when an event is happening near you!

          Step 2: Once you’ve found an event, you can’t just turn up like normal – you’re going to need to purchase a ticket – don’t forget to invite your friends!

          Step 3: Turn up on the night, grab your favourite drink and boogie the night away – we hope you hit the jackpot!

Boogie Bongo

Overall, Bongo’s Bingo combines all of your favourite elements from a night out with the best bits of playing bongo. Win wicked prizes, dance the night away with your friends and show off your best dance moves! Now that sounds like our kind of party – brilliant.

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