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Convert Word to PDF with PDF Bear in Easy Steps

Convert Word to PDF with PDF Bear in Easy Steps

Have you ever tried converting your Word files to PDF and found out it went nowhere? Or, it would be best if you did other things to get the result you want. There is an online PDF tool that can convert your files from word to pdf in easy steps. That tool is called PDF Bear. It is an online tool that is free. It is also lightweight that it doesn’t impede your other tasks. PDF Bear relies on a cloud conversion technique that frees your computer from doing the processing. 

PDF Bear is Fast, Easy, and Lightweight

The great thing about PDF Bear is that it doesn’t need too much introduction. It is one of the leading lightweight online converter tools. It gets the job done fast that lets you devote all your energy to doing other things. Having an online tool like PDF Bear gives you many advantages. We shall discuss these advantages below. The PDF Bear converter tool is easy to use because of its simple and minimalist design. With the PDF Bear converter tool, there is absolutely no way you will get confused with PDF Bear, even when it is your first time using this pdf converter. Going to the website will give you the tools you need to convert your Word to PDF.

Advantages of PDF Bear


With PDF Bear, speed is essential when you are trying to win a deadline. Having a tool that gives you ease and speed is a must-have. The speed of this tool is because of its cloud conversion technique. It does not rely on your computer resources to deliver the results. It gets the job done by using cloud technology. Without the limitations of your machine, it is free to do as many tasks as you can allow it to perform. This is great for people working on corporate projects and who want to give results before the deadline. Speed means productivity. You can never be slow with PDF Bear.


With PDF Bear, simplicity is beauty, as the old saying goes. This applies to all kinds of tools. PDF Bear is one of them. The simple interface is clean. No clutter can impede your tasks. Navigating is also easy. The instructions are included in the menu. If this is your first time, then you will never have to worry because the converter tool is very intuitive. 


Security is precious. In these troubling times, people pay a great deal of money for protection. That is why PDF Bear is such an important tool. This pdf converter protects your files. This is because of its encryption technique. No malware/hacker can access your documents. For instance, when you upload your files to the converter site, the site will encrypt your files. If you have the pro version, it will allow you to store your files on the database for as long as you want. This is a form of creating a backup copy for all your essential documents. This gives you peace of mind if there is something wrong and all your computer files get wiped out. 

Customer Support

Here’s one essential thing that should be available on any online tool, but few have. Having dedicated customer support gives you peace of mind if ever something happens along the way. Having a human being respond to your query, and issues is a comforting thought. When you are working on a big project and need help with a problem, customer support will be available. This advantage and added value are what you get when you switch to the pro version. 

Converting MS Word Files to PDF in Easy Steps

The procedure is easy, and with this converter tool, all you need to do is use your browser to go to the official PDF Bear website. The website will give you the front page with all the available tools. These tools are for both free and pro users. 

You can drag or drop your MS Word files to the converter tool. The converter tool will scan and upload your document to the cloud. This is the part where the conversion takes place. You can then wait for the process to complete. This PDF conversion process will only take a few seconds to minutes, depending on your file’s size. When done, you can download the PDF version of the Word file to your computer. You can also share it with those you are working on a collaboration with. 

Final Thoughts

The steps are straightforward, and you don’t have to do anything. You only need a working computer, an internet connection, and a dedicated browser. The PDF Bear site will delete your files after an hour. The PDF Bear pro version allows you to store your files on its database for as long as you want. This method will serve as a backup to your existing files. Now you can do other tasks because PDF Bear gives you more time and energy.


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