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Traditional vs. modern slot machines: Which were easier to beat? 

Traditional vs. modern slot machines: Which were easier to beat? 

Slot machines, eh? We’re not sure Charles D. Fey, inventor of the world’s first commercially successful slot machine back in the late 1800s, would have anticipated the rampant success that his invention has had over the last century. Back then slot machines were popular in certain saloons and taverns across California, however they were nowhere near as well played as they are today, with slot machines being available pretty much everywhere – play at

And you know what? That isn’t even an exaggeration, because the modern world of online slots has meant that slot gamblers can spin the reels of their favourite slots from the comfort of their own home. You don’t even need to visit a casino anymore, and there is absolutely no wonder that online slots have got so popular considering this. But here’s the thing: some old school slot gamblers still maintain that traditional slot machines were easier to beat than modern ones… Let’s take a deeper look at the question. 

Traditional slot machines: Positives 

One of the main positives to traditional slot machines is that they tend to be a lot simpler to play than some of the more modern offerings on the market at the moment, which in turn means that gamblers could have more luck whilst playing them. 

If there is less to keep track of whilst you are spinning the reels there is every possibility that you will be able to concentrate a bit more, and subsequently get your hands on a bigger win than you might have done otherwise. Another positive about traditional slot machines is that some classic progressive jackpot slots like the Las Vegas Megabucks can pay out extraordinary prizes. 

Modern slot machines: Positives 

In terms of trying to beat slot machines, by far the biggest positive to modern slot machines is the fact that 21st century gambling regulations in most cases have led to a lot more available information about each slot machine you are able to play. Things like RTP are essential if you want to play a slot machine that will be fairly easy to beat, and this info is only available on modern slot machines. 

Furthermore, because of modern online slot bonus features there is scope to win a lot more money through things like free spins and multipliers. On older traditional slot machines these bonuses didn’t exist! 

Traditional slot machines: Negatives 

When trying to beat traditional slot machines one thing that is difficult to ignore is the fact that you cannot check the RTP of volatility of the game you are playing very easily, in contrast to with more modern slot machines. 

Traditional slot machines typically don’t have nearly the same level of bonus features either, which can decrease the amount you can potentially win. 

Modern slot machines: Negatives 

Because there is so much choice with modern slot machines these days it can be hard to actually choose the game that will be easiest to beat.

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