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Create A Magical Bathroom Space with These Room Decoration Ideas

Create A Magical Bathroom Space with These Room Decoration Ideas

Decorating your home can be a therapeutic endeavour. People go on vacations when they are stressed. Some go out to run, jog or ride their bicycle. Others compensate by cooking and eating. However, if you are the artistic kind, then beauty attracts you. It is also the other way around. For some reason, artistic people attract beautiful things and moments. Once you are done organizing the different parts of your house, it is time to spend your energy in your bathroom environment. And why not? Your bathroom is the first and the last place you visit before and after sleep. It is also a private space open for meditation and contemplation. When built correctly, your bathroom can also be part of your creative space. You can even add over toilet storage for your creative ideas. Did you know that half of the songs that made it to the charts were composed in the bathroom? People sing in the shower. People can come up with creative things when they laugh and cry. And these things happen in the bathroom because it is a place to go to when you are very emotional-especially when you are with the company, and you want a short private moment. 

Storage Places

Over the toilet storage places are significant bathroom additions. They are great for storing things you need for your decoration ideas. They can also keep the essentials you need, like medical supplies. They can come in handy, especially during holidays. It’s these seasons when relatives arrive, and you need to be armed with essentials. Having storage places like racks, cabinets, and other things can help you with your bathroom makeover. You can also use them to store your speakers and lights when you no longer want to use them. Storage places can help you deal with clutter. 

Aromatherapy Corner

Create a corner for potpourri, crystals, or scented candles. Yes, it can be a corner, or it can be by your sink and mirror. Having these essentials can channel your mind into a different place. Scented candles are also great when you want to relax in your tub while sorting your thoughts. Potpourri adds an organic touch to your environment. It is, after all, the essence of mother nature. Crystals are said to help remove negative vibes or energies. They are also great ornaments to add life to your bathroom. Amethyst, jade, topaz, or any mineral stone will do. 

Add Ambient Lights

You can put subtle lighting to enhance your mood. Or, you can go full disco and even add a disco ball. Disco balls add a party atmosphere. Subtle lighting includes those that give out a relaxing glow. Fairy lights are great ornaments. You can put them around your bathroom mirror or anywhere to add embellishment. You can also use subtle holiday lights if you want a quiet but brighter alternative. Lighting enhances your bathroom color. Lighting can also influence your mood. When you feel a little stressed out, then your bathroom lights can make you feel better. For those who are depressed, then you can create a small party atmosphere inside your bathroom. Besides the disco ball, blinking lights, and other wild additions, you can also add the below.

Mood Enhancing Music and Sound

Yes, adding music to your bathroom is the best way to enhance the mood. Especially now that you have the perfect lighting choice, a portable Bluetooth speaker like those sold by Bose or JBL will do the trick. Now you can play your Spotify playlist in your excellent speakers while taking a shower or relaxing in your tub. Any bathroom has excellent acoustics, and playing music inside makes sense. Music heals the senses. It’s the first thing you hear in the morning and the last thing you hear before sleep. 

Refreshing And Calming Plants

Plants add beauty and freshness to your bathroom. Plants replenish your environment with fresh oxygen. Apart from their practical use of purifying the air and sometimes adding shade on the window, they are also pleasing to look at. Plants are a healthy addition to your environment because they help relieve stress. Indoor plants are suitable for bathrooms that don’t have big enough windows. However, when you have bathrooms with French windows that occupy most of the walls, flowering plants will do. It is great to care for your plants when you are sad because they can help remove that sadness. Plants like begonias, orchids, snake plants, air plants, spider plants, birds nest ferns are a few of the many that you can have. These plants are also an ornamental addition to any environment you want to come alive. 

Final Thoughts

With all these bathroom ideas, it is time to work on them. You can now transform your once drab bathroom into an inspiring place. If you can make any part of your home a lively place, then why not a bathroom too? It is the first and the last part of the house you see day and night. 


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