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Common Jewelry terms you need to know about

terms you need to know about

Every second person on this earth craves to possess jewelry. It is a wardrobe essential that by means we can ever forget to wear. But do you that there various associated terms you need to be aware of for making a wise purchase. Since jewelry is a big investment it needs to be guided by proper knowledge of technicalities. Here are common terms used in jewelry you should know about when heading for online jewellery shopping.

#1. Alloy

An alloy is an amalgamation of two or more metals. The final metal obtained has the properties of both metals used in the mixture. Even the gold ornaments you use are crafted from an alloy which is a combination of gold with silver, copper, nickel, and zinc. Likewise, silver ornaments have an alloy of silver, copper, bronze, and brass. An alloy is used in jewelry making because it has more enhanced properties than pure metals. For an instance, an alloy is more durable and hard, plus, its colors are also distinct from pure metals.

#2. 14KT

The purest form of gold is available in 24KT. However, this pure gold is extremely soft and thus is not suitable for jewelry making. Therefore, to ensure it becomes hard enough to preserve its shape, it is combined with other metals. 14Kt gold contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metal. As such 14kt gold has 58.3% purity. The same follows for 18KT and 22KT gold. Knowing this especially important when you make an online gold coin purchase as they are available denominations and weight.

#3. Bail

Bail is the loop of a pendant using which a pendant is hung onto the chain. Commonly, the bail size is kept at 10mm; although it is also subject to vary. Bail helps the pendant stay in the middle of the pendant as a focal point. They are also available in distinct styles, shapes, and sizes depending on your preference.

#4. Blemish

Different flaws such as cracks, spots, chips, wrinkles, and pit on diamonds, pearls, or other gemstones are known as blemish. These are hard to be noticed by naked eyes. The higher are the blemishes the lower is the quality of the gemstone.

#5. Brilliance

Brilliance is nothing but the brightness of stone which depends on its cut and polishing. A too deep or too shallow cut diamond will fail to exhibit brilliance and will rate low in terms of its sheen and overall appearance.

#6. Charm

Charm is a collective term used to denote small trinkets hung on a piece of jewelry as a decorative element. You can find charms on bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. The charms are also known to ward off evils. These can be in form of shells, stones, or beads.

So, next time when you are out shopping, keep these terms in mind. Definitely, being aware of these common jewelry terms will help you stay updated in the market.

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