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Are you passionate about cooking? Play Cooking Crush for free

Hello and welcome my beautiful lovelies to another post where I talk about things that can make you and I happy. Today I wanted to share this lovely, lovely game called Cooking Crush. Now, I know what you all will say. You’ll go, “But you already talked about a cooking game before and you said that it was the best!” Well, it just goes to show that there can always be improvement and better restaurant games keep coming your way. 

A Word About This Lovely Kitchen Game 

  • Now, what makes me happy about this lovely kitchen game is that it is not only free but it can be downloaded within a matter of minutes on my phone. Whether you have an Android phone or iOS, that does not matter, Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. has made this game available for both devices. 
  • While downloading this game you will notice that it does not take up that much space and so, you will not have to compromise and delete other things on your phone. 
  • Another thing that I want to point out about this cooking game is that it is offline. That is right! It can be played without an internet connection so whether you are inside your house or outside relaxing in the park, you can enjoy this lovely kitchen game. 


The Game Is Called Cooking Crush 

  • Okay, so I’ll head on to actually playing this game – how it went for me, what I liked and what I found unique about it. The game has a beautiful icon on my phone. I tapped it and the game started in landscape mode. I had to tilt my phone and saw the most beautiful graphics! The crisp lines and sharp colors caught my eye and I was just wowed. 
  • There was a small update – perhaps to get all the data for the game, I am guessing an update is necessary every once in a while. Did you know the best game makers update their games regularly? It shows that they listen to the complaints and concerns of the players and try to fix all issues. We can safely say that Flowmotion Entertainment sure does care about all of us!

Crush The Competition With Cooking Crush 

  • What sets Cooking Crush apart from all other kitchen games is that it allows the players to really make themselves at home. The game features 10 different restaurants:
    • Crème Café 
    • Dream Deli
    • Salty Taverna
    • Party Parlor
    • Rockin’ Diner
    • Crazy Cantina
    • Donut Den
    • Tandoori Treasure
    • Perfect Pie
    • Cake Corner
  • You can get to higher levels by doing the one thing this game was made to do – cook! 
  • Other cooking games let you do either just prepare food or serve it but Cooking Crush crushes all competition by letting you go nuts with its options. You can:
    • Buy ingredients and restock inventory 
    • Decorate your kitchen 
    • Take orders 
    • Greet customers 
    • Handle fussy customers 
    • Cook and serve food 
    • Get promoted 
    • Earn money 
    • Revisit old restaurants and even work shifts there whenever you want! 
  • Your life in this game is just not confined to cooking. You can even get out of the restaurant and play games like “spin the wheel” for a daily bonus. The happiness and burst of joy that comes from unexpectedly winning a top item or loads of cash can give you the boost of dopamine you need!
  • Your happiness does not have to be just within the game. Flowmotion Entertainment truly cares about all of us and their Daily Happiness Challenges are enough to prove their good intent. This feature was originally introduced in 2019’s Cook It! Due to positive reviews, it was also included in Cooking Crush. To date, about 3 million Happiness Challenges have been completed.

A Good Cause 

Co-founders of Flowmotion, Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada, will donate a portion of revenue from Cooking Crush – as they’ve been doing with previous games since 2014 – to so hungry children can be fed. So far, over 45,000 meals have been provided!

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