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Beaxy Exchange Director: Bitcoin SV is One of Easiest Integrations to Date

Beaxy Exchange

Despite smear campaigns and allegations of spreading misinformation, Bitcoin SV (BSV) continues to soar to new heights and prove that it is one of the digital currencies out there that can de trusted by industry leaders, businesses, developers and investors. This is evidenced by the new faces that participated in the recent BSV Virtual Meetup held last March 4 hosted by Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen. 

“We’ve launched this to draw attention to the many people of different countries, industry sectors, backgrounds and interests that are building utility on Bitcoin SV because that’s what we’re really focused on in our ecosystem—building a digital currency and blockchain that can be useful to transform the world. And at Bitcoin Association, our job is not to actually build the businesses or create the products ourselves. We support the growth of the ecosystem by providing infrastructure, such as the node software and infrastructure tools, by providing education and outreach, and by supporting the businesses and products that do exist out there, and there are so many,” Nguyen said in his short opening speech. 

Bitcoin SV, with SV standing for Satoshi Vision, is fully committed to actualizing the original vision of Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, also known as nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright. Just last February 2020, BSV released the Genesis Upgrade, which successfully restored the original Bitcoin protocol and unleashed the capacity of its blockchain for unbounded scalability. 

This means that BSV now has a rock-solid base protocol upon which developers can build their applications and platforms on. Moreover, data blocks are scaled continuously to increase its capacity to handle big data. With this, secure and low-cost microtransactions are made possible. Ultimately, this all means that the BSV blockchain has an endless potential for use cases—something that no other blockchain in production has accomplished. And this is why BSV is deliberately being chosen by businesses to build their platforms on and why digital currency exchanges worldwide continue to trade it. 

Bay Abbott, director and co-president of Chicago-based Beaxy Exchange is one of the new faces at the BSV Virtual Meetup. As a relatively new digital asset company, here’s why it was an easy decision for them to include Bitcoin SV in their roster. 

“The majority of the due diligence is looking into the utility of the asset. So that’s where most of the legal spend [and] that’s where most of the internal due diligence is. You’re spending a lot of time determining that utility. And when we looked at the BSV ecosystem and we saw that there were 300 companies building on the BSV blockchain, we saw all of the things that contributed to that, like micropayments and the upcoming Teranode [Project]. It’s easy to make that determination at that point, so we decided to move forward with listing BSV,” Abbott explained.

“So early on, our head of operations came to the team, and he said that working with the BSV ecosystem and Fabriik was one of the best and easiest integrations that he’s had to date. So when you receive a compliment like that, it tends to resonate. And I think that can sum it up best,” Abbott added.

People who are working with Bitcoin SV, like Abbott, can attest to the fact that BSV is not spreading false information. Instead, they have found real value in the rebirth of the original Bitcoin. Join the next BSV Virtual Meetup or watch past meet-ups here to verify the truth in the statements above.

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