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Best health drink for child in India – Guidelines to choose

Best health drink for child in India - Guidelines to choose

When it comes to your child’s nourishment, the last thing you want is to make any compromises. A good health drink is the best protein for kids, especially if you have a fussy eater at home. Even with vegetarian diets, making sure that your little one gets enough protein is hard, considering the physically demanding lifestyle that children lead these days. From coping with school work, assignments to sports practices, the best health drink for kids in India is the perfect nutritional support. 

With so many products available in the market today, how do you make sure that your little one is getting the best health drink for kids in India. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you make the right decision. 

Check the base of the drink 

Health drinks come with a base that gives it a thick and creamy texture when you mix it with milk or any other beverage. When you are looking for the best health drink for kids in India, there are two options to choose from: 


  • Milk-based drinks: Milk-based drinks contain milk powder. This is the most common type of health drink that you will find. They taste great and even lend a good texture to the drinks. However, if your child is lactose intolerant, this is not the best health drink for kids in India. It can lead to digestion issues or cause allergic reactions. If not, a milk-based drink is easy to use and tasty, too. 



  • Malt based drinks: Malt based drinks are made from grains. They are extremely healthy as they add an extra dose of fiber to the child’s drink. However, with a malt-based drink, gluten is a concern. For children who may have a gluten intolerance, the best health drink for kids in India is one that has a milk base. 


If you find that both these options are not suitable for your child, you can even prepare the best health drink for kids in India with ingredients that are available in your kitchen. There are several recipes for you to choose from to give your child a healthy and tasty nutritional supplement. 

A thorough check of the nutrition label 

The nutrition label and ingredient list is the simplest way to find the best health drink for kids in India. Read the ingredients thoroughly. If you notice several complicated ingredients or find some that you cannot even pronounce, there is a good chance that it is a chemical additive that can cause health issues. You must also avoid drinks with an endless list of ingredients. The label must be easy to understand. And, the fewer the ingredients, the better it is for your little one. 

Also stay clear of drinks with added preservatives, colours, or other additives. The best health drink for kids in India is one that is made mostly of natural ingredients. Products like Gritze Supermilk are made from healthy, high-quality ingredients that give your child all the nourishment that he or she needs, minus the side effects of chemical additives. 

What are the sugar sources? 

The best health drink for kids in India is also one that is tasty. But, where is the sweetness of the health drink coming from? Natural sugar sources are the best for your child. For instance, Gritzo Supermilk contains unrefined cane sugar which is safe and will not cause health issues. 

There are several hidden names for sugar as well. For instance, maltodextrin, liquid glucose, etc are ways of covering up for artificial sugar additives and sweeteners in your child’s drink. These must be avoided, too. The best health drink for kids in India contains unrefined sugar, jaggery, or other natural sweeteners. 

Is the drink adding value to your child’s diet? 

Most parents only look for protein in the best health drink for kids in India. While protein is very essential, these drinks must add more value to the diet. With drinks like Gritzo Supermilk, you have the advantage of other nutrients like DHA, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and even electrolytes. 

These drinks provide added health benefits like: 

  • Better cognitive development 
  • Improved bone strength
  • Better immunity 
  • Improved athletic performance 
  • Faster recovery from strenuous activities 

The best health drink for kids in India is often fortified with essential minerals and vitamins which are vital for your child’s growth and metabolism. 

What age group is it formulated for? 

While most parents are worried about the child being under-nourished, it is also important to understand the ill effects of overconsumption of certain nutrients. This is why doctors go by the daily recommended intake value based on your child’s age and gender. The best health drink for kids in India provides various options based on the different age groups. This ensures that the child consumes just enough, without facing any unwanted side effects or ill effects of overconsumption. 

In addition to that, the dietary requirements of children change with age. These specially formulated drinks also take care of that when preparing their recipes. 

If you are unsure of the number of specific nutrients that your little one must consume, it is a good idea to consult your doctor. This will give you an understanding of what to look for when you are choosing the best health drink for kids in India. 

Even with the best health drink for kids in India, it is important to understand that it is only a supplement. For best results, combine it with a healthy and balanced diet. That way, your child will have the best of both worlds. 

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