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Best Places to Buy Consumer Electronics in Singapore

We live in a digitalized world where people find it pretty convenient to shop online rather than shop from physical stores. When you shop for your electronics online in Singapore, you will save the transportation cost you would otherwise incur visiting physical stores. The amount saved can help to boost your purchase online. Besides saving on the transportation cost you would incur when shopping for electronics in Singapore from physical shops, online electronic stores offer unique discounts that you won’t afford to resist.If you browse on the internet, you will realize that there are very many electronic stores in Singapore – something that can leave you wondering what the best deals to buy electronics online in Singapore.We understand the challenge you may be facing when looking for a convenient way to shop for your electronics online, and that’s why we are composing this post to offer you some help.We have done our research, and here we present to you the deals to buy electronics online in Singapore

Top Places to Buy Electronics online in Singapore

  1. iShopChangi

If you want to shop for whatever the type of electronics you need from a reliable online store in Singapore, iShop Changi is allegedly the best option you have. iShop Changi has a fantastic website that is easy to navigate from page to page. The website loads faster to make sure that you don’t waste too much time looking for your electronic deals – you can quickly tell that the website was designed by one of the country’s best web designers.

To shop from the iShopChangi website, you must create a personal account and connect it to a bank account that you will use for payments.

There are all sorts of electronics categorized in the respective orders, e.g., audio, lightings, etc. Select the category you need and place an order – wait for delivery as directed at the purchase time.

  1. Qoo10

Qoo10 is probably the most prominent eCommerce website you can trust for all your electronic needs in Singapore. Just like iShop Changi, you will be required to customize a customer’s profile before shopping for your products from Qoo10. Qoo10 has more than 1 million registered customer accounts, and this should tell you something regarding its reputation among Singaporeans. You can be sure to find all sorts of electronics on the Qoo10 web page and at affordable prices. Other than electronics, they also deal with other products that may fall within your areas of interest. They promise to deliver your purchase to your doorstep at your convenience.

  1. Carousell

When shopping for electronics online, you want to shop from online stores that offer you huge discounts and sell superior quality products. If this is your primary concern, Carousell has you covered. Unlike another online website that sells electronics in Singapore, Carousell sells both new and used electronics.You may consider buying used electronics that are in the right working conditions and priced reasonably. Whether you buy new or used products, delivery will be done at your convenience.


The above are some of the best online places to look for superior quality electronics in Singapore. Don’t waste your valuable time and money going to shop from physical stores – surf the internet, and you will discover these stores. Once you discover them, look for a smart deal and grab them – wait for delivery, period.


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