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Blurry Vision And Other Eye Problems During Pregnancy: What to do? 

Blurry Vision And Other Eye Problems During Pregnancy


Blurry vision during pregnancy is one of the most common complaints that can continue even after delivery. Blurry vision indicates reduction in the seeing capabilities of the would-be mother. During pregnancy, women experience back ache, morning sickness, constipation, itching, fatigue, swollen feet, etc. However, many women may not be aware about blurry vision during pregnancy. Though in the majority of the cases, the vision returns to the normal state, after delivery. 

Hence, it is important to know the causes, so that they can be treated. Some of the reasons for blurred vision and other eye problems during pregnancy and ways to handle them are described below, which will enable you to maintain eye health during pregnancy. 

When does blurry vision start during pregnancy? 

The blurriness of vision can start as early as a couple of weeks after fertilization occurs, before a woman can confirm that she’s pregnant. Generally, the problem starts around halfway through pregnancy. 

Though, it gets worse as pregnancy progresses.It can also get infected and you might have an itchy feeling around your eye. Most women say blurry vision gets better after the birth. 

What causes blurry vision during pregnancy? 

There are several reasons for experiencing blurry vision. 

  • The most common reason is production of pregnancy hormones. The hormones cause a decrease in tear production which leads to eye dryness, discomfort and irritation. However, due to increased dryness, you may not feel comfortable wearing contact lenses. 
  • Hormones also cause fluid build-up in eyes. The fluid retention alters the cornea to make it thicker, along with an increase in the fluid pressure within the eyeball, resulting in blurry vision. 
  • Rise in progesterone levels during pregnancy can cause the tissues of the cornea to soften which can lead to unclear or hazy vision. 
  • During pregnancy, pituitary glands grow, which can result in changes to field of vision. 

How to treat blurry vision during pregnancy? 

Here are some tips on how to cope up with pregnancy related blurry eyesight: 

  • Using eye drops after proper consultation with the doctor can reduce the dryness in eyes, and make the eyes less itchy or irritated. 
  • Do not strain the eyes as well as switch over to glasses if contact lenses are bothering, until after delivery. Read under plenty of light and do not work continuously on the computer. Make sure to take frequent breaks to give the eyes rest.
  • Don’t bother with a new pair of glasses or contact lenses while pregnant, as blurry vision is often a temporary nuisance. Wait until after delivery, vision should go back to normal. ● Doing eye exercises is also a good way. Consult your doctor and he/she can suggest some effective and simple exercises which helps the eyes to focus better. 

Can I prevent blurry vision during pregnancy? 

Blurry vision is a ‘side effect’ of pregnancy and there is no method to prevent this phenomenon. You can be prepared with lubricating eye drops and a pair of glasses (in case you lose one), to make your condition better. 

Other eye problems during pregnancy 

Some women also experience infections like pink eyes during pregnancy along with blurry vision. The immune system weakens during pregnancy, so one is more prone to infections. Moreover, being pregnant can decrease one’s peripheral vision, which is due to shifting hormones. Additionally, the color of the skin around your eyes might appear darker than normal due to pregnancy hormones. Nevertheless, these changes during pregnancy can be stressful but don’t fear as there is no permanent change in vision. In many cases, vision will return to normal within weeks of delivery. 

When should I call the doctor about the blurred vision during pregnancy? Since blurry vision during pregnancy is common, let the doctor know about any changes in vision, as he will need to check your blood pressure and sugar. 

Consult a doctor at your nearest clinic such as Pristyn Care if there is continuation of blurriness or other eye problems after the first few weeks of delivery. High blood pressure or preeclampsia can also signal vision problems. Your doctor can keep track of your condition to make sure you and your baby remain healthy. 


Once the body heals after delivery, the vision gets back to normal within a few weeks. This is a common pregnancy complaint that can continue even after delivery and that’s often temporary. A doctor can ascertain whether blurriness is minor or due to a more serious condition like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. Experts can help understand better about what to expect in terms of vision changes, when you are expecting a baby, and also guide you to maintain a healthy vision as much as possible.

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