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Choosing the Best Vape Juice from Naked 100 E-Liquid and Others

Among the top vape juice brands in the world, Naked 100 e-juice, ePuffer e-juice, and Johnson Creek e-juice dominate the market with their premium e-juices as well as other products. Whether you are a rookie vaper or an experienced one, you can get a package with flavors and smoothness that will suit you. This article will guide you on how to get the best when choosing e-juice flavors from these top manufacturers and what it is that makes them the best.

Best Vape Juice from Naked 100 E-Juice

The Naked 100 e-juice brand has been on the market for enough time to master the art. They have revolutionized their industry and become one of the best producers and suppliers of superior tobacco and non-tobacco e-juice. Lately, they have changed the labels on most of their products and also made them even better than before. Any Naked e liquid can be purchased online, and they ship to most parts of the world. To be sure that their valued customers are buying the legit products, they have an app where you can verify your products and report any suspected counterfeit product. Here are some of the best e-juices from them.

  •       Crisp menthol e-juice – This is a relatively new flavor from Naked 100 e-juice with menthol and apple flavor for the best throat hit.
  •       Hawaiian POG – One of the most popular flavors from Naked e liquid is the Hawaiian POG. It has guava, passion, and orange flavor, which many customers describe as among their favorite flavor combinations.
  •       Euro gold – This premium tobacco is one of the best choices offered by Naked e liquid particularly for people who are trying to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping. It provides the same satisfying feeling as a tobacco cigarette.

Best ePuffer E-Juice

If you want to enjoy a variety of great options from this brand, they also have many flavors. Just like the naked e liquid brand, Epuffer products are available online. If you have not heard about this brand, you can check out some of their popular products below.

  •       Premium tobacco e-liquid – It is best suited for users who still crave traditional cigarettes. Since it is made from Turkish tobacco, you can expect it to be smooth and satisfying.
  •       Menthol cigarettes – Most vapers know that menthol is one of the smoothest flavors, and this one is not an exception.
  •       Double-apple e-liquid – Apple flavor and crispness create the experience you will get with this flavor from E-puffer.

E-Juice from Other Popular Brands

Johnson Creek offers premium options, and you can choose your favorite flavor from their website. They have many distinct flavors from menthol, citrus, nic salt, tobacco, and vanilla among others. When choosing from their list, it is easy to pick what suits you best as they have clearly explained the ingredients in every one of them.

Final Word

Naked 100 e-liquid is a popular brand that you can trust alongside others such as E-puffer. Any Naked e liquid is crafted for fineness and the best experience, and the same is true for all of the other e-liquid brands that we have mentioned here. Choose well and enjoy.

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