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IT firms roll out solutions to cut work-at-home costs.

IT firms roll out solutions to cut work-at-home costs.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the functioning of Information Technology (IT) service providers and their customers. The technology companies develop solutions designed to minimize their work-from-home (WFH) costs further and enable a smooth transition if they return to offices.

Working in an office – A sign of status

Following the pandemic, more Americans are expected to separate time between work from home and company. Now that some of these workers will return to the office, about a quarter seems emotionally ready. The other quarter is hesitant to return because of concerns about COVID-19 contracts, while half prefer working remotely and companies are investing in remote worker monitoring software for better efficiency.

With more remote employees, firms may open regional hubs or access co-working places anywhere their employees focus instead of working mostly in a single central office. Thus, the business headquarters could become a status symbol for businesses that still have the financial capital and a large enough workforce to guarantee costly building in a significant town.

Critics of the work-from-home style claim that businesses are losing their identity and culture. Also, employees, especially young people, will miss the lack of interactive social skills. To minimize WFH costs, IT companies launch return-to-work solutions. Indian technology companies that employed creative strategies to rework in the viral pandemic’s face now safely give their global customers these resources to help them stretch out operations.

The top safety concern of their employees at the workplace is the key priority for companies. Organizations have sought every possible way to guarantee their workers protection and security.

TCS – Safe Workplace

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the Indian IT major company, has initiated and introduced some good pioneering reforms that improve its employees’ move from the ‘work from home’ model to return to the office. TCS not only aims at maintaining a strict and complete commitment to ensuring its employees’ protection, security, and primary health needs but also at finding ways to connect to raise awareness.

TCS Healthy Workplace provides businesses with four weeks’ assistance and helps companies launch a return to work initiatives and handle thousands of workers at different locations. To that end, various applications will be used together with a dashboard to gather feedback and automate the feedback to working processes.

With the stabilization of the COVID-19 crisis, employees anticipate returns to their workplace. Companies are designing new initiatives to resolve mandatory self-attestation, monitoring communications, and social distancing guidelines while maintaining compliance. For large corporations with different business lines and jurisdictions, and languages, reopening the workplace is incredibly tricky.

The solution also assists businesses in handling employee self-certification, awareness-raising, and grievance resolution. It recognizes pandemic zonal areas and allows for accurate decisions so that a company can proactively adjust its operations to avoid problems that affect its staff and customers.


Ramco Solutions was one of the first solutions to upgrade its thermal screening system and IoT sensor doors for facial recognition. “Although not all businesses can function remotely, there is a “new standard” at this point, where measures such as social distancing, touchless attendance, occupation preparation, and workplace control are becoming unavoidable. Organizations in the pharmaceutical, grocery, logistics, and airline industries have become more interested.

Infosys – Smart Spaces

To boost its relevance to the present situation, Infosys pivoted its existing Smart Spaces solution. In the past, used to help offices, stadiums, and shops become smart in terms of experience and response, the same array of technologies are now being used but allowing them to open up again for business differently. This version of return to workplaces uses the technology to which these spaces are subjected, but may use cases to make them more stable.

Zensar – Humane

In the first days of the work from home, Zensar began Humane, a platform for its employees’ engagement. The platform incorporates multiple employee-based functions such as HR, learning, and growth, making access from one location easier for employees.

Tech Mahindra – NAD Platform

When homework is usual, Tech Mahindra has introduced its New Age Delivery (NAD) platform with a new feature to power remote operations globally and protect their operations. It provides a new age of business productivity during COVID by maximizing software planning time up to 40 percent, minimizing operating costs by about 20 percent, and increasing cost-saving by 25 percent. The platform with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is smart enough to direct project teams continuously for the best flight path for success.

L&T Infotech – LTI Canvas

Larsen & Toubro Infotech introduced LTI Canvas, a new software engineering framework that addresses the “critical necessity” of enabling work from anywhere. LTI Canvas is an interactive network, combined in an atmosphere where teams work in a distributed environment and incorporate different methods, tools, and methodologies to facilitate technology and business results.

A package of Microsoft technology and LTI solutions digital platform for industry-wide IT professionals are used to collaborate and stay output effective. It builds on the architecture of microservices and uses Microsoft platforms such as Azure and Microsoft 365, like teams, along with LTIs Working Ways. It consolidates the capacity of AI/ML and analytics through Cloud, Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking.

Other solutions to explore

Several technology firms have unveiled solutions in recent weeks, from thermal scanning to collaboration and employee involvement platforms. “Organizations must be conscious that they must be ready for pandemics and proceed in the future. Decision-makers must concentrate their strategies on revitalization, continuity preparation, and digital adoption rapidly.

Learn new technology to boost your career

People were more patient to learn and engage with emerging technology simply because they had to, and these best practices would continue. Many of them develop practically new muscles to work virtually.

ITIL has been widely used since its inception as the leading ITSM system. As a result, millions of IT professionals invested time and money in ITIL certification programs to improve their career opportunities by knowing how best IT practices can drive business value. The newly updated ITIL 4 certification course covers Lean, Agile, and DevOps ideas and ITIL-specific details, such as seven guiding principles and four ITIL-based service management dimensions. Candidates also learn how to co-create value by developing customer-oriented IT services and products.


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