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RAW Rolling Papers: America’s #1 Top Pick 

RAW Rolling Papers: America’s #1 Top Pick 

What Makes RAW Rolling Papers So Superb 

Hands down, when it comes to RAW Rolling Papers, it doesn’t get any better! But then again, in terms of quality and price, these bad boys are unrivaled with. Not to mention, they’re now America’s favorite rolling paper, by far! In fact, when it comes to sales, the numbers don’t lie; RAW Papers are an online Best-seller! Furthermore, they’re an overall Top Pick in the US & Europe as well. On that note, let’s explore closer and reveal what makes these papers so unique and sought after. 

What to Expect with a RAW Rolling Paper

First and foremost, when it comes to quality, RAW Rolling Papers don’t get any more natural than nature itself. Indeed, these skins are made from pure RAW ingredients! In other words, No

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), No Chlorine Or Bleach, & No added chalks or dyes! Plus, these papers are Vegan-friendly and a first of its kind. 

That’s right; RAW Papers are made from 100% plat fibers, including the glue! And to take it a step further, these papers feature a unique criss-cross imprint which prevents them from running while burning smoothly all the way through. So as you can see, when it comes to originality and craft, it doesn’t get any better than a RAW product, especially if you appreciate a clean, green, slow-burning smoke! We’re sure you do! 

A Brief History of Organic Rolling Papers

It all began in 1993 when RAW founder, Josh Kesselman, found himself inspired after smoking an additive-free cigarette. It was at that moment in time when Josh thought to himself, “If they can make this kind of cigarette, then why can’t they wrap it in an additive-free paper?” 

From that point forward, the creator of RAW Rolling Papers set out to change the game, and that’s exactly what he achieved. Soon after Josh had his life-changing epiphany, he went straight to work developing the world’s first all-natural rolling papers! Today, you know them as RAW. Since then, there’s been no turning back! As you are aware, RAW is the most relevant rolling papers among those who roll their own herb. 

Join the Movement by Contributing to the RAW Foundation

When you buy RAW Rolling Papers, not only are you smoking clean and keepin’ it green, but you’re also contributing to a company that spends millions of dollars in helping out less fortunate people around the world. In fact, the RAW Foundation practices Entrepreneurial Philanthropy to establish long-lasting economical opportunities in the communities they serve. 

That’s right; The RAW Foundation is responsible for several projects including but not limited to establishing a deep-water well in Southern Ethiopia, where locals suffered a 2-year drought and lost everything. Keep in mind, this region is considered to be the cradle of civilization, so to put the focus here really shows The RAW Foundation supports Humanity First. 

As a result of that project, the day the digging began, the skies opened up and the rain came down. It rained non-stop for two weeks until the project was fully complete! Now, you may or may not believe in miracles, but if you ask any local from Rift Valley, Ethiopia, they’ll tell you, “This well is indeed blessed.” And perhaps, it is. 

Wrap It Up With A RAW Paper 

All in all, the RAW Brand is a leader in producing premium rolling papers. Better yet, it’s almost foolish to smoke or consider anything else. But then again, people do the darndest things sometimes! 

However, ignorance can be bliss, but after reading this, there are no excuses. With this in mind, it’s time to ditch harmful brands and switch to RAW Rolling Papers! Not only will you be contributing to the greater good of mankind, but you’ll also be doing your lungs and body a great favor which will benefit your overall health. Think about it. 


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