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Relaxing In Style: Top Over The Toilet Storage Ever Created

Relaxing In Style: Top Over The Toilet Storage Ever Created

Everyone knows that the toilet is one place where you can relax and enjoy some alone time, and if you have a clean and organized bathroom, it would be the best feeling ever. If you go to the toilet, there are many things that you need to bring. It could be your bathroom necessities or any other stuff. Some people design them.

By designing them, they often put a plant or a photo if they want. Sometimes, you will need some extra space to put in your towels. That is why brilliant people thought of creating a storage area above the toilet so that all of those things would be arranged there. There are a lot of designs, but here are some of the best ones.

Yaheetech 3-Shelf Over-The-Toilet Storage Rack

To start this list is the Yaheetech 3-Shelf over the toilet storage rack. This is a storage rack made for all the minimalists out there. With a simple design and a two-color variation of black and white, if you are one of those minimalists, you would not need to ask for more. You will love this design. It also has three-layer racks to maximize space.

Since it has all those layers, you can put many things in this rack. You can do it with a towel on one frame, shampoos and conditioners on the second, and plants on the third rack. Each of those shelves can hold a weight of up to 9k. The best thing about this is that this product is water-resistant, so the material and paint will not rust easily.

Zenna Home Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver

From the name itself, this storage rack will save you a lot of space in your bathroom. That is because you can use it as a storage rack and a wall shelf at the same time. You can place it just above your toilet and stick it in the wall so you don’t need to worry about taking so much of the space in your bathroom. This will also save you money.

By saving money, that means it saves you a lot of cash since it has a cheap price and would be very friendly for your budget. You can store many things in this and would not need to worry about them falling off. But the best thing about this is that it has a traditional design that would go well with any bathroom interiors out there.

Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Metal Bathroom Shelf

By reading its name, you would immediately know that this storage rack has four layers that can hold multiple things. This means that you would have more space to put in all your things. The only thing you would need to worry about is thinking of which item you would like to put in those layers. But if you already have some ideas, that’s good!

That means this storage rack is perfect for you. It also has a simple yet elegant design that would go well with any bathroom design and interiors. But the thing that makes this amazing is that it is compatible with a medium bathroom size. If you don’t have that big and spacious bathroom, you could still fit this rack.

Double Door Storage Cabinet Tower

This specific storage space has a design that would make anyone happy. The Double Door Storage Cabinet Tower is a sturdy and durable storage space that comes with a cabinet with clear windows and a wide shelf. Don’t worry. This masterpiece right here is effortless to clean. That is why you would not regret buying this one.

SONGMICS Bamboo Bathroom Shelves

Saving the best for last is the SONGMICS Bamboo Bathroom Shelves. This specific shelf gives off that refreshing feeling. Apart from its appearance, one of the best things about this is that it is very flexible with any bathroom size because all you need to do is mount it on your bathroom wall. You don’t need to find a place where this rack can stand.

Yes, it is flexible because of its design, but the best thing about this storage rack is that it has three layers where you can put in all your bathroom necessities and has five different distances so it could adjust to your needs. If you have something tall that you would like to put in, buying this storage space would work for you!


There are tons of other storage rack designs out there. These are just some examples of the best ones there are. If you need more storage ideas or suggestions that could fit the theme of your bathroom, you should check out There are lots of designs you can choose from on that website. Just make sure that the one you choose will match the design of your bath.

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