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Tommy Hilfiger Watches For The Modern Gentleman

Tommy Hilfiger Watches For The Modern Gentleman

Tommy Hilfiger has been in partnership with the Movado Group for quite some time to distribute their designer and fashion watches. It would be a disservice to the Tommy Hilfiger corporation if all the credit were given to Movado even though the former has little to no influence on the production aspect.

If you haven’t heard about Tommy Hilfiger before, they are an American fashion designer brand leading the world market for decades. Tommy Hilfiger used to aim to create trendy and sophisticated American apparel for men, but in recent years, women’s clothing and collections have been added to the production line. Here are some of the best Tommy Hilfiger watches you can buy today.

Decker Chronograph Quartz Black Dial

There isn’t anything quite like a beautiful combination of dark and muted colors on an everyday wristwatch that can be worn occasionally. This watch looks exactly like an expensive pilot luxury watch but at an attractive price point compared to its competitors. The Hilfiger brand on the watch looks beautiful with its discreet font style and trademark red, blue, and white logo.

The watch has a 46mm diameter case, which is a size that you won’t find at this price point. The stainless steel construction of the watch also adds to that feeling of elegance and class. An automatic movement powers the watch that is rated to last for many years before needing maintenance. Water-resistance is rated 30 meters, so users must wear the chronograph sparingly to avoid water damage.

You would find yourself wearing this watch more during the day than at night as it’s a strikingly dark combination of colors that will contrast beautifully under the vibrant sun. Tommy Hilfiger watches take inspiration from making exceptionally modern jewelry at a non-premium price tag, making the Decker Chronograph a fancy watch for a reasonable sum.

Multi-Function Navy Blue Dial Brown Leather Strap

This watch is the perfect example of a timepiece having premium quality and engineering while sporting a substandard model name. The Multi-Function Navy Blue has a complicated chronograph layout with a pretty white graph that shows hours in military increments. 

Tommy Hilfiger watches make bold statements, and the 46mm diameter for the case certainly makes sure that onlookers take notice of this beautiful watch. Indexes are printed in an extravagant Arabic numeral layout. The hands have a skeleton design to serve as a subtle contrast to other elements that stand out.

Multi-Function Quartz Black Dial

The Multi-function Quartz black dial is one of the more minimalist designs that is shared with other colors. Still, there are hints of blue and white, which effortlessly break the intimidatingly muted overall color. The stainless strap also flows seamlessly towards the case, which gives it a uniform aesthetic. 

Water-resistance is rated at 50 meters, so this watch is safe to bring to most light water activities. Indexes are well-pronounced, so most people won’t have any problems reading time on this watch. The triple graph layout also gives an impression that the watch is a chronograph when, in fact, it is not.

Rose Gold Blue Dial

One of the simpler designs in Tommy Hilfiger’s lineup is this Blue Dial with Rose-Gold bezels surrounding the case. The strap is genuine brown leather with pronounced grooves, adding a rustic vibe to the contrasting conservative design. A minimal Hilfiger branding with a logo is seen at the right side of the hands.

There isn’t much to be said about this watch except that it revels in its simplicity making for one gorgeous exclamation of minimalism that other watches can’t achieve. There’s an ideology that translates to the saying “less is more”; indeed embodied by the entirety of the Rose Gold-Tone in Blue Dial watch from Tommy Hilfiger.

Deacon Quartz Blue Dial

The Deacon Quartz features a stainless steel strap that connects effortlessly to the beautiful blue dial. The minute and hour hands have a skeletal configuration that gives a sense of minimalism to the watch’s diminutive features. Indexes are also very intricate, featuring a tiny dotted layout that somehow counteracts the purpose of the 44mm diameter case.

This watch’s water-resistance is rated at 50 meters, hovering around the sweet spot of 50-100 meters for a casual everyday timepiece. There is also a similar design for the ladies, but this exact make and model is reserved only for the masculine market.

Analog Quartz Blue Dial

Today, most dress watches feature modern engineering and the latest complications, but Tommy Hilfiger watches go against the norm by featuring analog and mechanical configurations. This Analog Quartz Blue Dial is just that with a host of exquisite accents such as the gold bezel, hands, and indexes giving a great contrast to the blue dial.


You can’t deny that Tommy Hilfiger watches have an extensive collection of watches that can suit almost any taste and preference that customers desire. However, it is worth mentioning that their timepieces are fashion and dress watches, and enthusiasts and horologists won’t find the level of sophistication and heritage that other luxury brands have.


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