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Top 7 Cheap Cable TV for Low Income Seniors 2021

Top 7 Cheap Cable TV for Low Income Seniors 2021

For seniors, cable TV is a major entertainment source that keeps them busy throughout their life as they are familiar with it and know the dos and don’ts. They avoid going for streaming platforms as it can be a little bit troubling for them and they do not feel comfortable. However, there is one problem with getting cable TV – it costs a lot on monthly basis and many of the seniors cannot afford to pay that amount. So, mostly they avoid getting cable TV at all because they know paying on regular basis for that would be a problem. 

If you are a senior who is going through a similar situation, or you are looking to get cable services for a senior who cannot afford the high cost, we have a list of Top 7 cheap cable TV options for low-income seniors. These options include the majority of the known and widely available providers that either have special plans for seniors or offers TV services at lower prices which are affordable by our specific segment.

Top 7 Cheap Cable TV for Low-Income Seniors

  • Spectrum

Spectrum is a cable service provider that offers low-cost plans with an extensive channel lineup – that are affordable by low-income seniors as well. For instance, Spectrum offers a TV Select plan that starts from $44.99 per month and gives access to 125+ channels including some of the good sports channels and entertainment channels. Moreover, channels such as FOX News, Bravo, CSPAN, and many others are included with this spectrum tv plan. Based upon the price and the channel lineup, this plan can work pretty well for seniors. 

With all the equipment costs and broadcast fees, if you feel like this plan is not an option – Spectrum also offers a TV Choice plan. With TV Choice, you get 10 channels of your choice along with local and some basic channels. By doing so, you can get the Cable TV services in less than $50.

  • RCN

When it comes to plans for seniors, RCN offers some of the best deals. Customers who are looking for affordable TV options and would like to get internet services along with TV can get RCN Digital basic TV and internet speed of up to 50 Mbps for $39.99 per month. With this plan, the basic TV offers more than 70 channels including local channels and entertainment options. So, this can be a great deal for you if you are interested in getting both services and would like to save money on that.

  • COX

COX is another cable TV provider that offers cable only plans along with bundle deals for low-income seniors and people who are not interested in getting premium channels or getting a broad channel lineup. Cox TV starter plan that provides 75+ channels to customers at a monthly price of $25. You can also get a Cox TV starter along with Internet Starter 10 for $54.99 per month and enjoy both of the services.

  • Suddenlink

When it comes to assisting low-income customers and seniors, Suddenlink is not far behind in this race. To make cable TV available for everyone, Suddenlink offers a Standard Cable Expanded Basic plan for $50 a month. There is another plan that costs less than that, but with that plan – you only get local channels. So, if you are living in an area where Suddenlink services are available, consider giving this plan a shot because it is not just economical but also comes without any contracts.


Xfinity offers one of the best channel line ups at economical prices that are certainly if not the cheapest then are affordable. Xfinity Extra cable TV plan offers more than 140 channels at a monthly price of $49.99. Although this is not a huge number of channels, this is way better because there are channels related to the interests of almost every person. There are channels for kids, movie channels for families, News channels, and business channels for Adults, Music channels for teens. So you will be getting almost everything with this plan through Xfinity. 

  • Verizon FIOS TV

Verizon FIOS TV offers great deals with reliable services and channels that you would love. With Verizon’s most economical plan, you can get more than 125 channels for $50 every month. You will be selecting 5 of your favorite channels and Verizon will recommend a plan based upon those selected channels. That is also a better way to avoid channels you have no interest in. For instance, there are no kids in the house and you don’t want any of the kids’ channels – with this plan you can make that happen.

  • DISH

DISH Network offers services in many rural areas where there are no other options such as Cable or FIOS TV available and offers various plans depending upon customer needs. There is a plan available for $30 that offers basic channels and local channels. With this plan, there are several channel packs available which you can add as per your choice for an additional amount based on those packs. That allows you to completely customize your plan and avoid the ones that you do not need.

Final Thoughts

Getting a cheaper TV plan is everyone’s desire because no one likes to pay extra. So, even if you are not a senior but your requirements for TV plans are somewhat similar, you can go for these plans. But before you do so, just make sure that a specific provider is available in your area.

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