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Top DevOps certifications to consider

Top DevOps certifications to consider

DevOps is the newest leader in effective software management for many businesses and experts. The IT industry’s growing demands and faster growth strategies have set the bar for aspiring DevOps engineers. The DevOps self-teaching program is not unusual but sometimes unreliable due to the diverse activities of the field.

Certifications are a perfect way to demonstrate a market understanding of particular tools and show your passion and dedication. Many major technology players like Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft are offering certifications for consumers to know how they can correctly use their software and services. The DevOps certification is an ideal way to integrate new developers and businesses in addition to exchanging useful information.

However, why should you take tests to be certified? Before you dive into the top certifications, you can consider the DevOps engineer training that covers all the aspects of DevOps.

What exactly is DevOps?

DevOps has emerged from agile development, which takes a flexible and adaptive approach to software development. It encourages ongoing interactions and feedback among stakeholders and team members to develop software. DevOps approaches application management to allow for the continual growth of a project and promote collaboration between IT development and activity fields – thus the term “DevOps.”

DevOps certification importance

You may want a DevOps certification for different reasons. 

  • It enables you to develop your skills and keep ahead of recent DevOps developments. 
  • It shows your experience when used on the CV and allows recruiters to verify it easily by certification providers. 
  • It shows your enthusiasm and devotion. 
  • It values your expertise in DevOps.

Tons of certificates are available on the market, but you need to choose the right certification.

Top 6 DevOps certifications to consider

There is no certification covering all because DevOps is a simple approach and a complete activity that integrates with other resources and technology. Furthermore, DevOps practitioners benefit from a wide range of certifications based on market needs and industry developments.

  1. Kubernetes certification: Cloud Natives of Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Linux Foundation are responsible for automating multi-container applications. They work together to build open-source container management systems most part. The certification helps the DevOps team to meet up the software development requirements. The two certification choices that can be chosen are Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes application developer (CKAD).
  1. AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional: Although the certification market for DevOps is very young, the certification of AWS DevOps Engineer has become a brand for itself. AWS, the unchallenged market pioneer, and its certificates bear a tremendous weight. It confirms the ability to incorporate and handle AWS systems and automation skills. When you have won DevOps Engineer-Professional, real career benefits can be accomplished.
  1. Docker Certified Associate: In DevOps, Docker is the container management framework used to manage components of the software as independent, autonomous containers that can be used and used in any environment. Candidates with the expertise of Docker are highly sought after in the job market today. Docker Certified Associate (DCA) is designed to confirm this competency on experienced Docker practitioners’ practical issues. As the first to be part of a multi-stage certification program, the DCA is an essential standard for Docker skills in the container sector, mostly in the real world. For Docker professionals with more than six months of experience, this certification course is perfect.
  1. Azure DevOps Solution Certification: Microsoft Azure is an AWS and Google Cloud Platform-like cloud computing service. It is famous for various services, such as web servers, file storage servers, e-mail servers, databases, virtual machines, and user directories. With the integration of Azure and DevOps, the DevOps process can be more straightforward, quicker, more efficient, and streamlined. Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certificates expressly uphold Azure DevOps professionals’ skills and abilities among many Azure certifications. Ideally, these Azure professionals already work as DevOps developers, planning and applying DevOps’ best practices for version management, designing, launching, testing, and infrastructure as code with Azure technologies.
  1. Puppet Certified Professional: Puppet is a series of DevOps infrastructure automation and distribution configuration management tools. In the world of DevOps, Puppet is very popular. More than 40,000 businesses are using Puppet, 75% of them includes Fortune 100. DevOps pros with certifiable Puppet skills are in demand. The certified Puppet Professional is a Puppet certification. The certification comprises everything from troubleshooting puppets to orchestration and implementation techniques
  1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA): The CKA program tests a Kubernetes administrator’s expertise, knowledge, and potential. The test involves an online test that contains a series of problems based on the results, which the applicant must solve in 3 hours. In this program, users demonstrate their skills in a realistic, control-line environment.
  1. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD): This credential is intended for practitioners who follow the Kubernetes ecosystem’s core practices. The candidates are tested how competent they are in designing, building, implementing, and configuring Kubernetes’ native cloud applications. Certification enables certified application developers to rapidly develop their reputation and value in the job market and allow them to employ high-quality teams to support their development more rapidly. 
  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: We need experience for most of the certifications. Somewhere you have to start, and the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a great place to start for Amazon Web Services. This qualification is to show the fundamental understanding of and services of the AWS cloud platform. This cert helps you to build a framework with which you can interact. For associate-level AWS certifications, Cloud Practitioner is an optional precondition only. However, it will help you build a strong AWS core that will help you in the long run.

Final Words

Now you had a brief look at the best definitive list of DevOps certifications. The choice is not difficult, and by enrolling for DevOps engineer training, you can select the DevOps certification based on your expertise in tools or platforms. There is a lot to do in real-time with the DevOps tool you want to be certified. It’s relevant. Learn, practice, and be approved for a bright future in DevOps.

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