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Track These 3 SEO KPIs to Make Better Marketing Decisions


Search engine optimization is the core function of any digital marketing team. KPIs or Key Performance Objectives are measurable parameters demonstrating how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives. They help to give clarity to the success of a given organization. These KPIs are values used by marketing teams to measure their web site’s performance or their campaigns for organic search results.  Digital marketers measure SEO metrics and track changes regularly to understand your search marketing performance.  A robust SEO company in Bangalore could help you determine top keywords, top-ranking pages, and your website’s grey areas that need to be search optimized.

SEO KPIs: Comprehending SEO Performance and Opportunities

You may have a well-designed website and must have invested reasonably in content marketing. You may have a digital marketing agency in Bangalore that could have helped you build your target audience and buyer personas. To need tangible results to prove your success, you need SEO KPIs. There are multiple performance indicators, like, organic sessions, keyword ranking, number of leads and conversions, pages per session count, Bounce rate, or an average session time.

Here are three critical SEO KPIs you should be tracking to measure the success of your SEO. Any digital marketing agency in Bangalore can measure its digital marketing efforts against these parameters.


  • Visibility on SERP


SEO’s ultimate goal is to get more users from search engines to convert them into potential leads and customers. So, search engine traffic becomes a critical KPI. In digital marketing trends, it generally shows a gradual upward trend, if at all. A web design company in Bangalore or an efficient SEO company in Bangalore can let you know that this is the most useful parameter tied to sales and used by any lead generation website. 

This metric is a ratio between the query search volume and the click-through rate of a query rank. The output is based on shifts in ranks, depending on how strong and relevant the keyword is. For example, if a search query rises from 5th position to the 2nd position in search results, its impact on SERP will be more significant than a rise from 44th to 40th position.

You need to know the following:

  • Visibility Score is based on the combined position of ranking keywords and average search volume. 
  • It is calculated for every keyword that ranks in the top 30 search engine results for each search engine. 
  • Visibility Score is available for the Top 30 keywords, even if the keyword rank is till 100.
  • This means that any keyword with rank 31- 99 will have a Visibility Score of 0.
  • This is because 75% of users never scroll beyond the first three pages of search results. 


  1. Conversions attributed to organic traffic

Organic search results or natural search results are the Web page listings that most closely match the user’s search query. They generally rank high in the organic results due to relevance.  If you are placed in Bangalore, and you are taking help from an SEO company in Bangalore, it will make sure you are getting a steady stream of unique visitors from organic search.

Organic Search Results to improve website performance.

It is often helpful to evaluate organic traffic against past periods, like, within a year. It determines how many customers are visiting your website from organic and paid search traffic. You could build your next campaign around where your organic traffic is landing on your site.

An email marketing agency in Bangalore may look at the landing pages that get the maximum response and the best data that the users are downloading. The number of visitors impacts the conversion rate.

Conversions happen when your website’s visitors fill a form, go through the checkout to purchase something or subscribe to a service. Thus, 

Total Conversions to Revenue = (Number of conversions for a specific goal) / Total Organic Traffic)

  • You could use Google Analytics >Acquisitions > Overview > Organic Search and then choose the type of goals you need. 
  • The conversion rate is an aggregate of these actions against the total number of visits.
  • Your Goal Conversion rate is an overall figure and has to be viewed as goal wise to get a better insight.
  • You may need to analyze the conversion rate of each traffic source and even for each target market.

Proper analytics from a social media marketing company in Bangalore, along with the results of a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, could help your business get high conversion rates.

  1. Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is an essential factor that tells how many visitors came to your website but bounced off or left after only a one-page view. This important SEO KPI gives insight into what is sending your potential clients away from the webpage. This could be due to many factors-length or quality of your content, poorly written copy, more page loading time, or faulty design. Poorly written ad copies and Meta descriptions tend to be the major culprits for high bounce rates. 

You can find your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics.

  • Go to GA> Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages.
  • Check off the organic traffic section. 
  • View the bounce rate report.

A bounce rate above 50% needs considerable improvement. A digital marketing agency in Bangalore or an experienced web design company in Bangalore can help you design your website homepage to funnel the right people through. Videos and appealing pop-ups as CTAs on every page could lower your bounce rates. A video production company in Bangalore could help you with that analysis.

 Summing Up

You could take the advice from a marketing agency-whether digital marketing or a social media marketing company in Bangalore, to suggest ways to track and improve SEO KPIs.  They could leverage Google Analytics and other analytic tools to expose some of the areas where your website or your business needs improvement or optimization. SEO needs consistent efforts, and SEO KPIs help reveal these metrics.

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