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What are the 5 Steps of Developing an App?

What are the 5 Steps of Developing an App?

You will find mobile apps are everywhere. Mobile apps are not limited to game apps but it is widely used in various sectors of the economy. From gaming to finance e-commerce and education, apps are playing a major role in our daily lives. Apps are business solutions for business and entertainment for users. Through apps, billions of revenue are generated in almost every sector of the economy.

In the modern world, apps are mandatory to run a successful business. Apps help the business to boost its sales and marketing strategies. According to Statista, revenue generated up to 365 billion USD globally in 2018. It has been forecasted that by 2023, mobile apps will generate revenue of 935 billion USD through paid downloads and in-app advertising. As per stats, mobile apps are generating billions.

So it becomes mandatory for all of us to know how to develop an app in a very simple process.

A mobile app development company in Bahrain is providing mobile app development services and helping businesses to grow. Developing an app is quite easy if you follow the correct steps. In the article, we will talk about the 5 essential steps you can follow to develop your app. 

5 Steps to Develop an App

Following are the 5 steps to develop your app:

  1. Research & Analytics

    First, you have to research the market before developing your app. Your app should be problem-solving and competitive. You have research market trends, target audiences, and pain points of users. You can do surveys, focus groups, contextual inquiry, usability testing, and user interviews.

    After gathering data, you will find out the user’s demand and pain points. It will help you to develop your app that solves problems and provides solutions. You can also start strategizing about SEO KPIs for increasing the number of downloads.

  2. Design Prototype & Model

    You can build a model of your app also called a prototype. Initially, you won’t know how an app functions until and unless the developer builds your app. The prototype will help you to see the final look of the app.

    The first task is to make a model or prototype so where you can determine the size and color of the app. You can also release your prototype in the market and receive feedback.

  3. Development & Design

    After the prototype, you have to set your app design. Its color, size, app icon, splash screen, background, app layout, and fonts and colors are determined in the design and development phase. All these points need to be set according to the user perspective. The app icon should be catchy and unique so that nobody easily forgets it. Other things should be set according to the target audience.

  4. Testing and Experimentation

    As soon as you have done with app design and development, you need to test it multiple times before launching. You can release your app for experiments and gather feedback for further app optimization.

    You can also fix the issue earlier if you find any challenge while experimenting. You have to make your app that should be customer-centric and enhance user engagement.

  5. Deployment & Promotion.

    Once your app is ready, you can make it live in the market. As the competition is very high, you have to promote your app on different social media platforms. You can optimize your app store and also run paid ads.

    Before paid ads, optimize your app, and promote your app organically. You have to do marketing for your app so that the app reaches potential users.


It is time to conclude the article as we have discussed 5 steps to develop your app. Developing an app completely depends on your requirement. You can also choose a developer to build your app. From market research to deployment, you have to follow things very honestly. You have to do in-depth research before launching your app as there should be demand for your app so that your app can fulfill the gap. 

The app prototype is essential to gather customer feedback. Other things like app designing and promotion are very significant because it plays a major role in your app business. The app design and development should be according to the demand of your target market. The marketing will help you to promote your app and attract potential users. In this article, we covered from basic to advanced. We hope you find the article informative.

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